First Peoples First

First Peoples First Actions - 2017

Arts Front is leading a series of First Peoples First gatherings across the country during 2017.

May - Melbourne - First Nations Cultural Summit

June - Hobart First Nations Gathering

July - Cairns Indigenous Arts Fair

August - Darwin - Darwin Aboriginal Arts Fair

September - Brisbane - First Nations Gathering

October - Adelaide - National Theatre Forum

October - Perth - Wardarnji Festival

Non First Peoples Arts Front members are invited to undertake their own cultural awareness journey and share what they doing to make First Peoples culture and arts a priority in their practice and life. The First Peoples First campaign actions the decolonisation call at Arts Front 2030. The aim is to consciously position First Peoples culture and arts at the centre of everything in the arts sector.

Key Points (Updated Live)

  • Bob Weatherall:

    “I believe that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-indigenous peoples all need to actively strive to decolonise and all individuals and agencies do this by adopting the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, adhere to its principles and present your support in all forms of cultural and creative expression, form bipartisan agreements that support a treaty/treaties, Aboriginal Land Rights, rights to their cultural heritage and cultural property and support the contemporary expression of their arts and culture”.

  • First Peoples First is the first official campaign of Arts Front.

  • Arts Front members are invited to share what they are doing to make First Peoples Culture and Arts the priority and get ready to support others across the arts and cultural sector and broader community to get involved following the public launch.

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19th Dec, 8:36pm

We have made First Peoples Culture and Arts the priority of Arts Front