Arts Front 2030

Arts Front 2030

Arts Front 2030 was a national, three-day gathering of artists, thinkers and change agents from across the country to help shape the future of culture and arts in Australia.

200 participants came together at Footscray Community Arts Centre to work on:

  • developing shared visions for culture and arts in 2030
  • building a national network of collaborators
  • planning joint campaigns and projects

1.             First Peoples and First Principles    (Wednesday 23)

The first day of Arts Front put First Peoples’ visions for culture and the arts in 2030 firmly in the spotlight. 

9.00am  – Fifty First Peoples participants from across the country gathered for a closed meeting in Footscray’s Basement Theatre

10.00am – registration for all other participants opened Warehouse Foyer.

12.00pm – everyone gathered for welcomes, acknowledgement of country and lunch in the Amphitheatre.

1.30pm – Setting the Scene – Lenine Bourke

3.30pm – we break into groups and led by a team of First Nations facilitators, we will reflect on the panel presentations and explore the implications for the future of culture and the arts in Australia.

Online Participants are invited to join a break out group in Google Hangouts

4.30pm – we reconvene in the Performance Space and facilitators Lenine Bourke and Lily Shearer lead a fast-paced brainstorming session to help distil our program for the Day 2 Open Space. This is another opportunity to get your big topics and burning issues on the agenda.

This session will be streamed from 4.30pm – 6.00pm EDST (with live captioning)

6.00pm – Day 1 will close with drinks, snacks and chance to hang out before heading off for dinner in fabulous Footscray.


On Day 2 of Arts Front everyone got a chance to lead a conversation and share their big ideas and visions for 2030. 

The day will run as a large Open Space workshop. Some people have been planning Open Space Sessions and have shared their ideas. Everyone is invited to Propose a Session in the lead up to Arts Front and help shape the program for Day 2 and our visions for the future.

9.00amOpen Space Brainstorm – the day begins with everyone gathering in the Performance Space to confirm the program of sessions for the day. Many of the sessions will support online participants through Google Hangouts.

This session will be streamed from 9.00am 10.00am (with live captioning)

10.00 am – Morning Tea 

10.30am – Open Space Sessions #1 

The First Nations participants will be back in the Basement Theatre for day focused on the development of a National Indigenous Arts and Cultural Authority (NIACA) as well connecting with other sessions in the program across the day.

12.30 – Lunch Panel – Learning from social movements
Streaming Live with Captions

Featuring: Louise Tarrant (United Voice / A24), Tim Lyons (ACTU and industrial relations organiser) and Patrick Simons (Yes 2 Renewables) Facilitated by: Ben Eltham

Including special performance by poet Walter Kadicki

2.00pm – Open Space Sessions #2

3.30pm – Afternoon Tea
Including special performance by Vessel in the Performance Space 

4.00pm – Open Space Sessions #3

5.30pm – Open Space Feedback and Planning 


DAY 3.             NEXT STEPS   (FRIDAY 25)

On day three the focus shifts to how we are going to work together and what we are going to do.

9.00am –  Open Space Feedback and planning for the day

We gather in the Performance Space to report on the outcomes of Day 2 and propose a number of working groups.

This session will be streamed live 

10am – 11.00am – Working Groups 

We split into breakout groups to work on the topics from day 2.

  • Working Group 1:
    How do we Support First People’s in achieving their goals in the arts?
  • Working Group 2:
    How can we achieve a collective voice about things that matter?
    How do we respond when things happen –
  • Working Group 3:
    How do we build political power through alliances and connect with other sectors (thinking outside the box) eg climate change, education, unions, children and families etc
  • Working Group 4:
    What protocols would we have that we ask the whole sector to uphold? Ensuring acknowledgement and respect for people of different abilities, people of colour, cultural diversity, gender diversity, age diversity etc?
  • Working Group 5:
    How are we going to communicate within the sector over 4 years of the Arts Front project? Direct and indirect introvert and extrovert, cultural nuances etc Whose not here and how do we get them here?
  • Working Group 6:
    What campaigns will we initiate now and how will we manage and resource them?
  • Working Group 7:
    How can we agree on and run a public awareness campaign on the public value of the arts?
  • Working Group 8:
    How do we connect with and bring together artists who are working in ways that inform our future and bring their work into public dialogue?
  • Working Group 9:
    What are we going to do about ensuring ongoing financing the arts?

11am-12pm: – Friday Working Group Feedback 1 

LUNCH – 12.00pm

1pm –  2pm: Friday Working Group Feedback 2 

2pm – 4pm

Where to from here and Arts Front closing 


Arts Front 2030 is an initiative of Feral Arts. 

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Arts Front and Feral Arts have been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

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