Fake Art Submission

The Parliament of Australia through its Standing Committee on Indigenous Affairs is undertaking an inquiry into the growing presence of inauthentic (Fake) Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ‘style’ art and craft products and merchandise for sale across Australia. The Terms of Reference for the Committee are available on its Inquiry page.

Visit the Inquiry page on the APH website.

This is a very important Inquiry and it is vital that as many people as possible have an opportunity to have a say. The number of submissions received has a huge impact on how seriously the politicians take this issue.

To help make it easier to make a submission to the Inquiry the Arts Front has drafted questions to help you. If you answer some or all of the questions in the boxes below, the submission tool will generate a formatted PDF document which you can submit to the Inquiry via email. The submission tool is provided as part of the First Peoples First Campaign

If you are in touch with people who have experiences and ideas to share but might not be able to develop a submission independently please share this page with them and maybe offer to help!

Submissions close on Friday 3rd November.

Please email us contact@artsfront.com if you have any questions.  

Gabrielle Sullivan CEO of the Indigenous Art Code speaking with Dennis Stokes from Mimi Arts.
*Please provide name and contact details (sections 1 -3). You can respond to as many of the 5 questions as you want.