Email Updates: –

–       Regular updates will go out to Arts Front members + email subscribers. You can receive updates without creating a profile. 

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–       any individual or organization can join Arts Front and create a profile
–       you need to be logged in to use some features of the Arts Front platform

Steering Groups:

–       The Arts Front Steering groups provide advice on the overall direction of the Arts Front project. Membership of main Steering Group is voluntary and open to anyone with an Arts Front profile. New membership of First Nations Steering Group is decided by the First Nations Steering Group. Decision making is by consensus.  The Steering Groups will meet quarterly in 2017 and meetings will be organised by Feral Arts. Agendas and meeting notes will be accessible and available to all members via Google Docs

Working Groups: –

–       anyone can create and run a new working group at any time
–       working groups are open for any Arts Front member to join
–       working groups meet and work together as required
–       working groups use Key Points to provide a quick update/overview.
–       working groups use Chat to keep a record of work.
–       working groups can use Feral Arts teleconference service if required.
–       working groups can also use google hangouts to meet online.


Definition –  (working group 6) – A campaign is set of targeted, joined up and sequenced activities aimed at creating change within and beyond our spheres of influence/

–       new Campaigns can be proposed by any Arts Front member
–       Arts Front campaigns need to approved by the Steering Groups
–       the first campaign will be the First Peoples First campaign