Zane Trow is a manger of arts centres, festivals and arts programs, and a composer/performer and live artist; a post-disciplinary arts worker with over 30 years experience in bridging contemporary sound art, community art and live art practice. His sound art and music is released internationally through the Room 40 Imprint and recent solo live art works have been presented in Australia, USA, Indonesia & Singapore.

Other recent work includes the devising and independent curatorial management of Once Only and Exist international live art exchange events in 07 and 08.

Zane is the Creative Arts Manager at Redland City Council and has also, for the last 10 years, served as Chair of Media Arts Asia Pacific (MAAP), a Brisbane based not-for-profit organisation that develops critical exhibition and research initiatives to engage the regions major practitioners and producers. MAAP is a platform for contemporary art development, presentation and critique and operates internationally as a team of agents, researchers, artists and curators. It is still the only Australian art organisation with an Asia Pacific focus specially dedicated to Internet, interactive, digital and screen-based art practices integrating new media technology. MAAP supports a community of visual artists with Media Bank equipment loans. Since 1998, MAAP has produced 7 international media art festivals across Brisbane, Beijing and Singapore.

Formally Professional Development Coordinator for Access Arts Inc., Associate Professor of QUT Performance Studies, Artistic Director of the South Bank Corporation, Chairman of Youth Arts Qld, Artistic Advisor at Metro Arts Centre & CEO/Artistic Director of the Brisbane Powerhouse Centre for the Live Arts.

In Sydney CEO/Artistic Director of The Performance Space.

In Melbourne CEO/Artistic Director of the Next Wave Festival, Chairman of the Contemporary Music Events Company & CEO/Centre Director of the Footscray Community Arts Centre.

In London -Assistant Director and Musical Director of the Common Stock Theatre & co-founder of Theatre Image-in-Aire.

In Cardiff -founder member of Civilian Theatre based at Chapter Arts Centre.