Aseel Tayah

Multi-disciplinaryPerformancePhotographyPublic ArtSoundStorytellingTheatreVisual ArtsAdvocateArtist
Multi-disciplinaryPerformancePhotographyPublic ArtSoundStorytellingTheatreVisual ArtsAdvocateArtistCollaboratorEmerging ArtistFacilitator ProducerAdvocacy CONFIRMEDEvaluationNetworking ActivismChildrenCross-culturalCultural DiversityJusticeRefugeesYoung People
I am a leader artist that is passionate about women, land and freedom, travel around the world to discover, photograph and get inspired by people's culture and history as creative director, art producer and installation artist I have been part of number of art productions with various communities and organisations, sharing and observing knowledge and experience.
I would love to be part of artfront to develop together a vision of culture and art in the future and be part of any potential outcomes as a result of the art conference.