#5 Art - Crisis - Justice

Sunday 12:58pm /
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Climate change. Refugees. Inequality. Racism. War. Trump. Financial crisis. Fascism. The list goes on.

We live in a moment of profound upheaval and change on the backdrop of planetary system collapse driven by climate change. And yet we are not yet facing these crises head on or pursuing urgent solutions.

What role can arts and culture makers play in understanding and addressing the profound overlapping crises of our time? How can we organise collectively through ArtsFront to ensure these issues, the stories of those most impacted and the solutions are part of broader public discourse and encourage social justice?

Key Points (Updated Live)

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  • Needs to be further discussion about relation between refugees and climate change > information pooling about this work

  • Needs to be further discussion about relation between refugees and climate change > information pooling about this work

  • Project – “refuge” at artshouse

    Literally ran a response space/relief center at north Melbourne town call Looking at what does preparedness mean (well-being, health, medical, food etc)

    Collaboration with first responders / artists/ community

    5 year project – nov 11-12, 2017 – with sister-community natininuk week long lab – knowledge exchange

    Can this project run in remote areas How can preparedness projects

  • Simple beautiful projects emerge

  • Literally preparedness practicalities

  • ‘refuge’ artshouse project, in one of the relief centres (red Cross, 6 artists, food, energy, sleep....) in a 24h project

  • Open group for conversations between urban & regional artists

  • that climate justice is embedded throughout and crosses through all of arts front

  • Climate justice one of the overarching principles of Artsfront

  • Recommendation: Make sure climate justice is an overarching principle of Arts Front

  • Some potential ways to collaborate:

    • Artist Residency on Front Lines (proposal)
    • Tipping Point, Climarte, Green Music Australia
    • Creative Recovery Network
    • Creating Together - Change Media
    • Get artists and organisers in greater dialogue
    • A24 process
  • Change Media - “Creating Together” project - developing questioning tools to self-reflect and then notice the ways that we reproduce oppression

  • Involving artists, Scientists, Engineers (150 people involved)

  • 10 organisations that are committed to working on outcomes from that project

  • Water futures in February 2017 in artshouse

  • Arts House in Melbourne - Water Futures feb 23-25 - 3 day hack-a-thon

  • ‘Tipping Point’ - arts / science organisation

  • <www.artinsoil.org/> Art in Soil residency > with the soil science council of Australia

  • Ops not sold, art & soil residency

  • Art & sold residencies

  • Build alliances between urban / regional artists

  • Decolonising urban artists

  • Importance of improving tech for connectivity

  • How these damaging ideas (below) are embedded through ‘remote’ residencies.

  • deconstructing damaging narratives around a dangerous / culture-less regional areas

  • Awareness about sites

  • Producing content that makes these sites visible / also connecting with local artists

  • Idea of Front-Lines residencies

  • Working on a series of online conversations in 2017 toward this end (Below)

  • Conversations around disaster management - key speakers that address climate change as an umbrella effecting other issues i.e. migration etc

  • How can we embed climate change across other issues and communicate its urgency

  • Important to grasp the intersectionality of climate change

  • Embedding climate change, justice in Artsfront

  • Front-line, fracking, pipeline in North territories

  • Front lines - where are the effects of climate change being felt the most ie. central Australian water sources at risk from fracking

  • Provocation: Why are artists not taking climate more seriously / centrally in their work ?

  • Urgency of climate issues Water wheel - archived project Regional / urban split - can we take more time to connect with regional artists. More connection between the arts and activism Alex: working with Naomi Klein on film project Will Arts Front Magazine short circuit corporate facebook structure with a more structured Editorial approach
    Will any of the broader conversations be meaningful if we don’t address climate

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24th Nov, 12:01pm

Inclusivity of regional artists, first people, non-funded organisations

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Inclusively of regional tourists

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Changemedia, Creating together

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24th Nov, 11:55am

Water futures led by artists

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Suzon Fuks
23rd Nov, 5:04pm

Alex, do you think to include talking about refugees & climate change? I am interested to see how can artists prepare the public for massive arrival of refugees due to sea level rise and natural disasters in this region