#22 Cultural Authority and Copyright Mechanisms

Sunday 12:57pm /
1 Hour

Who has the rights to tell a story? How is the copyright income earned repatriated to the holders of those rights?

Individual, collective and community ownership and ethical processes are needed.

Copyright is the mechanism to repatriatee money to those who own the stories. How do we work across all art forms in to the future to develop appropriate processes that support culture, artists and storymakers - starting with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts and culture.

Key Points (Updated Live)

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  • Protecting ownership of copyright of long term is important to ethics and economics of the entire arts sector.

    Cultural Authority has particular importance with the creation and sharing of Aboriginal and Toress Strait Islander artists and communities. However, the principle in as it relates to copyright has broad ethical implications generally in the future of the arts and cultural sector.

    It is the PROCESS between who has the right to tell/share/develop a story ie Cultural Authority and the economic repatriation through enforceable copyright legislation and mechanisms needs development and broad education across all art forms.

    Opportunity for collecting “case studies” of when the process has been ethical, culturally appropriate and provided meaningful income streams back to artists and community who hold ownership of their work. Could be : interviews with directors/producers, podcasts, transcripts, case studies and digital storytelling projects to create resources to help others navigate and understand how the processes can work effectively.

    Potential campaign slogan: Don’t Appropriate – Collaborate

    Education is required on fundamentals eg when yes is no, what is informed consent, assumptions on authority, what is copyright, artform specific resources, collection agencies

    All the collection societies have a role to play in Arts Front 2030 : strategically and economically http://copyright.com.au/ http://www.copyright.org.au/ - useful for fact sheets to get educated on copyright https://www.ipaustralia.gov.au/ - trademarks, patents, design https://www.artslaw.com.au/info-sheets/info-sheet/copyright-collecting-societies/ Who are the collecting societies in Australia? The following copyright collecting societies (or similar licensing organisations) operate in Australia. 1. Music, lyrics, sound recordings and music videos a) AMCOS – Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners’ Society Limited b) APRA – Australasian Performing Right Association Ltd c) PPCA – Phonographic Performance Company of Australia d) CCLI – Christian Copyright Licensing International e) LicenSing f) Word of Life International 2. Visual arts a) CAL – Copyright Agency Limited b) Viscopy Lt – Visual Arts Copyright Collecting Agency c) AAA – Aboriginal Artists Agency Limited 3. Film a) Screenrights b) ASDACS - Australian Screen Directors Authorship Collecting Society Ltd c) AWGACS - Australian Writers’ Guild Authorship Collecting Society Ltd 4. Literature (including illustrations and images accompanying text) a) CAL – Copyright Agency Limited