#2 Working group 2: How can we achieve a collective voice about things that matter? How do we respond when things happen?

Friday 10:00am / Performance Theatre 2
1 Hour

Facilitator: Kevin Brennan.

Scribed: G Foulkes-Taylor

Key Points (Updated Live)

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  • Thank you to everyone who contributed to this discussion today, and to Claire who tried to participate online through a few tech issues.

  • Role of Arts Front: communications channel and clearing house, amplify diverse voices, build alliances (nat & internationally).

  • A number of people present have put their hand up to be in this working group and we will start to develop timeframes over the next two months. We welcome others to express interest in and join this group, particularly First Nations, people of colour, and young people.

  • Our recommendations: - We recommend a working group is formed made up of a diverse group of people, communicating in an online space through the ArtsFront channel. - This group will analyse previous responses (for e.g. the Brandis response) and critically look at if the response worked for everyone - if not, why not? - The group will produce a list of considerations/questions to ask ourselves when planning campaigns. - The group must listen to all voices and consider and acknowledge First Nations, people of colour and young people first. Ceremony and ritual is part of this meeting process.

  • Today in the working group we had: Karen, Carin, June, Reagan, Ryan, Rhianna, Kevin (facilitating), Emma, Steve, Gemma, Erica, Georgia, Claire (online), Sophia, Judith, Lena, and Ben.