#3 Working group 3: How do we build political power through alliances and connect with other sectors (thinking outside the box) eg climate change, education, unions, children and families etc

Friday 10:00am / Performance Theatre 3
1 Hour / Google Hangout

Facilitators: Collette Brennan & Lia Pa’ apa’ a

Key Points (Updated Live)

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  • Acknowledge that power is often is white patriarchal space

  • 3rd party endorsements are powerful - who are our advocates? who could be?

  • Courage is important in non-arts contexts - it can be difficult to speak up.

  • Recommendation: Influence audit - map the circles of influence that already exist

  • Recommendation: Understand important/influential non-arts networks and participate in them. Reciprocity is key.

  • Recommendation: Create a “Speaker Bureau” listing of individuals who can speak persuasively in non-arts contexts (such education, science, technology, health conferences etc)

    • Representation of allied non-arts advocates on Arts Front committees/boards/working groups
  • Recommendation: A centralised space for research and evaluation of the positive impacts of the arts across industries (suggest this is Arts Front website)

  • Recommendation: Take down patriarchy

  • Long term sustainability will come from close working relationships within industry groups