#5 Working group 5: How are we going to communicate within the sector over 4 years of the Arts Front project? Direct and indirect introvert and extrovert, cultural nuances etc Whose not here and how do we get them here?

Friday 10:00am / Jack Kennedy Room
1 Hour / Google Hangout

Facilitators: Elliott Bledsoe

Key Points (Updated Live)

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  • We acknowledge huge diversity of languages - spoken and embodied.

  • Some notes:

    ARTSFRONT WEBSITE to be used to reach people in/out That means: - to be able to edit - to keep groups - to be able to join groups - to have an email alert (or/and digest) when someone add something

    FACEBOOK to change presence from page to open group, so all voices are seen not only Artsfront

    TWITTER continue to use #Artsfront + other specific hashtags e. g. multilanguages translators

    RADIOS Connecting with community and other radios to have regular & continuous multilingual conversations

    MAGAZINES Existing + new ones

    POSTCARDS for specific campaigns First campaign would be WHAT IS ARTSFRONT


  • People in this group: Elliott, Kelly, Melissa, Jessie, Avril (online) & Suzon

  • Arts front is the campaign - it is ongoing, adaptive and responsive.

  • Arts front recognises that there are a range of ways to participate and actively seeks to create spaces for both analogue and digital channels for participation.

  • To communicate arts front in a multilingual and inter cultural space.

  • Arts front supports not replicates. We actively seek to partner and resource independent and community based media with a priority on First Nations and cald media.

  • Recommendation 1: Coproduced idea as arts front being created by a group - inviting contributions

  • The importance of paper based, analogue and community based campaigns - ie postcard campaigns and how these can move beyond individual arts front campaigns

  • How can a range of people craft messages?

  • Multilingual social media volunteers who can re message in community languages

  • How do we make arts front multilingual? How does a monolingual white guy do this?

  • Ideas

    Talk back radio - use of radio - aboriginal media, community broadcasting network

  • Current channel : website, twitter, fb page

  • Attendees, jasmyn Sheppard Kelly lee Elliat Melissa, Susan, avril

  • Website as a cache for central information

  • The need for a single brand to share content - arts orgs can’t share everything.

  • What happens after arts front? The benefit of a strong brand vs the diversity of individual voices. What are arts front channels? Are they useful? Intersections between arts front channels and other stakeholder channels? It’s trying to come how with a process?

  • Two way comms - In and Out

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Avatar for Zane Trow
Zane Trow
17th Feb, 9:55pm

Adaptive &......responsive....

Avatar for Zane Trow
Zane Trow
16th Feb, 9:49pm

I’m a member. I’ve had a couple of emailed newsletters....seriously....that’s it? Email newsletters?..really?....not sure that this approach is “embodied”...lol...from an organisation with state and federal arts funding?...just sayin’

Avatar for Avril Duck
Avril Duck
2nd Jan, 3:48pm

Hi Elliot, is this a way for me to continue to participate in this group? And how are you going with ideas to progress?