#8 Working group 8: How do we connect with and bring together artists who are working in ways that inform our future and bring their work into public dialogue?

Friday 10:00am / Basement Theatre 1
1 Hour / Google Hangout

Facilitators: Maz McGann & Sara Strachan

Key Points (Updated Live)

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  • KEY POINT: A reimagining of how peak bodies work in relation to individual artists - and putting them at the centre of the work that they can do. Realising the power of artists in creating something new that is action based. Is ArtsFront a best practice model for this - that can lead to a rethink - which is led by artists.

  • KEY POINT: Develop models of intergenerational and diverse engagement of arts practice.

  • KEY POINT - A Linking / gathering of artists coming together to make art that influences the discussions about we communicate and inform the public dialogue - this needs to be an authentic exchange.

  • Resource list that provides information about places equipment and resources they can access for free.

  • Re-thinking the colonial construct of art - people from other cultures bring their art and their skills as artists from a position from where it is part of everyday life - not a “product” “outcome” or as part of a “sector” which is external from their everyday lives.

  • Using artists to inform the new ways of communicating - in everything we do - campaigns, conferences, strategies etc.

  • Being aware of absence - who is not in the room - who are you not talking to.

  • Develop projects that bring artists together to respond to the political landscape

    • Orgs need to focus on sector development for artists - nurture the networks, support emerging artists
  • Making sure that independents can come together and be part of the conversation and join the dialogue - lots of gatherings now are arts admin and organisation heavy. A conference and ongoing network for independent artists

  • Sustainable partnerships with arts organisations for artists.

  • Emerging Artist exchanges from regional and smaller urban communities. Representing a first step to bring work out into the public

  • Putting Artists at the centre of things as they are growing and developing

  • How do artists connect now - Facebook and other social media platforms - Artistic hubs - they create their own communities - dependent on geography and connections to organisations - both physical and digital - Connections from art school - Interest in groups / communities with like themes