Values Statement


We aspire to ensure that Australia has a vibrant and secure cultural future.

That the role of art and culture plays in informing the richness of Australia’s diverse cultural identities and values is recognised, appreciated and invested in for future generations.

The diverse cultures of Australia’s First Peoples is a central foundation of this future.

Guiding Principles:

To understand and embrace the inherent value of Australia’s First Peoples.
Acknowledge the strength and resilience that First People can share by drawing on the wisdom, experiences, insights and values coming from one of the worlds longest continuous cultures.

Through Australia’s First Peoples, gain a richer and deeper understanding and connection to the concepts of country that you live and work on and your place within that country.

Acknowledge and champion the fundamental rights that First People have in managing their culture as set out in the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People. 

Celebrating Diversity – Finding Commonalities.

We not only celebrate but acknowledge the importance of the diversity within our sector and Australian society to work together to develop a shared vision for culture and arts in 2030.

That we respect each other’s unique views and understand where they have come from so we can honour our differences and draw strength for our commonalities.

That through these connections we can draw strength to build an even stronger national network of collaborators that work together to plan joint campaigns and initiatives that champion the value of arts and culture in our society.



The need to come together to and mobilise to develop and lead strategic and active engagement of the arts sector in response to national, regional and local issues that directly and indirectly impact on the future of Australia’s arts and cultural sector.

Courage to act individually and in unison to address the big challenges facing the whole arts sector and making our shared visions a reality. This includes challenging each other not to conform to the existing power base and to think and act beyond the status quo.


Our greatest strength is our connectedness.  We define how we work together and communicate with each other to control our own future and destinies.

We also ensure that young and independent artists have a voice in determining the future


We have the courage to aspire to something more and in doing so shape the future of culture and the arts in Australia.

We look to enhance the capacity of the arts sector through advocating and leading discussions on the way forward.