NDIS Research Project

A/Prof Bree Hadley, Associate Director of the QUT Creative Lab, and independent researcher Dr Donna McDonald are currently working with the Arts Front team on a research project that investigates the ways in which arts funding organisations, arts organisations, arts advocacy bodies, disability service providers, and other stakeholders will need to change their business models to continue to provide platforms for disability arts practice in this new NDIS operating environment.

In the past decade, the range and diversity of practices that fall under the broad umbrella of ‘disability arts’ in Australia has grown exponentially. The evidence confirms that engagement with arts, culture, and media practice has a significant impact on our health, wellbeing, and whole-of-life experience as disabled people, as well as our efforts to speak back to the stereotyping, exclusion, and economic marginalisation we are still subject to. With the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, disability arts agencies, organisations, and providers – and the disabled people they serve – will have to work in a new system in which funding is provided not through direct-to-organisation block grants, in advance, but through annually approved individual self-management plans providing people with disabilities with whole-of-life supports and services, in arrears. This reform will bring wide-reaching chances for disability arts practitioners, advocates, and scholars.

Key Points (Updated Live)