Event Session - Little Lunch #24

Thursday 30th April, 12:00pm - 12:30pm AEST

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Our national arts and access road trip heads west this Thursday for Little Lunch #24 with our hosts the wonderful team at DADAA (dadaa.org.au). Filmmaker Tony Sarre will join DADAA’s Mallika Macleod for look at how COVID-19 is impacting NDIS arts programs through the lens of blind filmmaking.

Tony is a scriptwriter, director, and filmmaker whose current body of work centralises accessibility in the arts. Born with an eye disease named Retinitis Pigmentosa, Tony has known since his teenage years that he would eventually go blind - which activated for Tony the cultural myth that his blindness should limit his ability to participate in the world. As a creative practitioner who is highly invested in the politics of disability, Tony has since been an active advocate for shifting the passive narrative which undervalues the lived skills and experiences of artists with disability. His artistic focus considers how art and writing are embodied experiences; specifically, he works to interrogate how to treat audio description as an element of narrative style, rather than as a mere adjunct to satisfy accessibility criteria.

Tony's recent work

Semaphore podcast

Tony recently had a conversation with Mayma Awaida about audio description and John Prince Siddon‘s exhibition All Mixed Up, published on Semaphore, a weekly newsletter about art from Western Australia.

Working Dog video

A recent short film by Tony titled Working Dog.

Little Lunch #24 - Zoom Meeting

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