Event Session - Little Lunch #34

A group of 14 people walking on a dirt path along a hillside that is lined with cactus and rows of shrubs.  People are wearing long, flowing outfits with scarves covering their heads.  Some are balancing large trays on heads with items stacked on top.  Others have walking sticks.  Can not see any faces. Home page for Little Lunch Online (LLOL)
Image credit - Belal Khaled

Friday 15th May, 12:00pm - 12:30pm AEST

Live Stream


Rounding out a big week, Friday’s Little Lunch will celebrate the official launch of the Bukjeh’s website! Nasser Mashni come on as hosts with the talented Samah Sabawi and Sara Saleh, joining Aseel Tayah to share the importance of stories from home and how it contribute to the local culture landscape Internationally and in Australia.

Little Lunch #34 is also timed to coincide with Yawm an-Nakba - or Nakba day - which translates to 'the Catastrophe'.  On May 15 each year Yawm an-Nakba marks the establishment of the state of Israel and the displacement of 750,000 Palestinians from their homelands. In the words of guest artist Samah Sabawi the lunch is a celebration of the role of art to guide us, to remind us and to help us find hope. 

Little Lunch #34 - Zoom Meeting

Key Points

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    Multicultural Arts
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    Human Rights
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    Cultural exchange and collaboration
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    Migration and refugees
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    First Nation traditional owners
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    Telling our stories