Event Session - Weave and yarn

Day 1 - Wednesday 2nd

Wednesday 2 October 3:15pm - 04:45pm
Mununjali Hub

Philomena Yeatman’s work is included in the permanent collection of the Queensland Art Gallery. She is known for her weaving practice. It combines traditional weaving practice with contemporary, accessible, western materials like raffia, commercial fishing net and fishing line. These are woven into her creations, thus portraying a traditional and contemporary practice.

Philomena Yeatman is a Gunggandji woman, born and raised in the Yarrabah community. She began her art career in 1991 as a screen printer and jewelry maker, then later developing her skills as a weaver, producing table mats, fans and baskets. In recent years she has also discovered her talent for painting, but her first love is working in the medium of fibre.

Renowned as an expert weaver, Philomena is passionate about maintaining the knowledge and techniques taught by her grandmother. Her practice continues the longstanding skills of weaving with pandanus and cabbage palm collected from her immediate environment.

Philomena’s work is inspired by traditional forms used for food collection and gathering from the land and sea. Her techniques include the merging of dyed fibres, which she weaves into the baskets to create distinctive and vibrant designs.

Philomena is part of a group of women in the community who are dedicated to keeping Yarrabah’s basketry traditions alive. Alongside her weaving, she spends most days at the Yarrabah Art Centre painting and developing work for her next exhibition.

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We would like to acknowledge the Mulinjali People the Traditional Owners of the lands on which we meet across the Scenic Rim. We pay our respects to elders past and present and future.  Through their commitment  they have kept alive the memories and traditions of their  ancestors  to pass them on to the children of tomorrow.  First Peoples First.