Event Session - Keeping creatives healthy

Day 1 - Thursday 3rd

Thursday 3 October 9:15am - 10:00am
The Main Event

Creative people, particularly performers, live and work to a different rhythm than other people. This has huge implications for their body clock and how they manage their inner world.

Authors of "Living with a Creative Mind" Jeff and Julie Crabtree explore ways to help creative people be better at what they do and to help organisations that deploy creative people become more efficient, effective and productive at harnessing the power of innovative thinkers and the creative workforce

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  • Bronwyn Davies
  • What a great session... thank you Jeff and Julie. Very informative.
    Gallery 31
  • oh dear ringing started again...like someone is pressing a keyboard your side Elliot Bledsoe?
  • thankfully ringing has stopped
  • hmm strange ring interfering with talk?
  • Did anyone manage to write down the zebra something website?
    Kristel Kelly
  • Go you highly creative TECH CREW:)
  • For our online participants please be aware the first session is running about 15 minutes late.
    Elliott Bledsoe

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