Event Session - Disaster and Recovery

Tuesday 9th March

Providence Farm Hall, 1449 Beechmont Road, Beechmont, Queensland

This Arts Dinner Live and Online is coming to you from Beechmont where, in September 2019, the Sarabah fires destroyed 11 houses and the iconic Binna Burra Rainforest lodge. In an unprecedented severe bushfire season that became known as black summer

  • 20% of Australia's forests burned
  • One billion animals were lost nationally
  • 12.6 million hectares across Australia burned
  • 434 million tonnes of CO² were emitted
  • 11.3 million Australians effected by smoke
  • 10.6 million Australians worried about their safety.

As part of this arts dinner we will look at how this community is recovering.

The Arts Dinner will be livestreamed from the Providence Farm Hall and will be attended by community from across Scenic Rim, with a particular focus on the people of Beechmont.

Being held at the Providence Farm Hall in Beechmont the first hour of the arts dinner will be livestreamed to audiences who can participate online or watch at a later date. From 6:30–7:30 pm the panel discussion will unpack how Beechmont and other communities deal with disaster.

The panel includes:

The live streamed event will run 6:30–7:30 pm.

Those attending the in-venue event will be treated to performances by local artists Tobias Beech and Tilly Miller while they enjoy catering provided by local favourites Flying Bean Café. Following the panel participants will have an opportunity to participate in and comment on local regeneration activities including murals, exhibitions and memoirs. There will also be community information stalls.

Participants for the live in-venue event are encouraged to arrive at 6 pm for a 6:30 pm start. The in-venue event runs until 9 pm.