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Arts Front Under 30

Arts Front Under 30 Symposium – September 2018, Newcastle

Sep 26 2018 To Sep 28 2018

Arts Front Under 30 Symposium – September 2018, Newcastle

This page is an archive. It has been maintained as a record of this event only.

100 emerging artists and arts workers from across the country aged 18-30 will converge in sunny Newcastle, NSW for three days of art-making, conversations, skills development and future visioning.

The Symposium runs from Wednesday 26 - Friday 28 September, 2018, which leads up to and overlaps with This is Not Art, one of Australia's leading contemporary and emerging arts festivals. Delegates will have the opportunity to extend their stay in Newcastle and immerse themselves in a weekend of free arts and cultural activities with artists from around the country.

If you’re 30 years old or under, passionate about the future of arts in Australia and want to meet other like minded people, then we want you at the Arts Front Under 30 Symposium in 2018.

A national under 30 steering group has overseen the selection of delegates and the development of the 3 day program. Delegates have been selected based on a range of criteria to ensure diversity. 

Arts Front Under 30 is contributing to the larger Arts Front project www.artsfront.com. Arts Front is about artists standing up - what do we want Australia to look like in 2030, and what is the role of arts and culture in getting there?

Next Up
Catch Up

Day 2 - Thursday 27th

Thursday 27 September 9:30am - 10:00am AEST

party time!

Day 1 - Wednesday 26th

Wednesday 26 September 4:00pm - 4:30pm AEST


Wednesday 26 September 2:00pm - 3:00pm AEST

<3 :)

Wednesday 26 September 1:00pm - 2:00pm AEST

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Wednesday 26 September 11:20am - 12:20pm AEST

Grab whatever inspires you and let's work as a group to create the space. <3

Wednesday 26 September 11:00am - 11:20am AEST

Morning Tea will be provided with various dietary options.

Wednesday 26 September 10:30am - 11:00am AEST


Wednesday 26 September 10:00am - 10:30am AEST

By Miromaa

Wednesday 26 September 9:30am - 10:00am AEST

The first morning of the symposium, head to the Banquet Room in the Newcastle City Hall and get creative designing you name and pronoun badge.

Wednesday 26 September 12:20pm - 1:00am AEST


Maps of Important Event Locations

Registrants (93)

  • + - What is Arts Front?

    Arts Front is a four-year project supporting artists to take the lead in shaping the future of culture and the arts in Australia.

    Arts Front is a chance think and act beyond our current systems: what could culture and the arts in Australia look like in 2030 and how do we go about making our visions a reality?

    Arts Front is also building a national network of collaborators leading change in the arts and cultural sector and broader community. It is connecting all artform areas and all parts of the arts and cultural sector to mobilise and campaign around shared goals and objectives.

    • How do we ensure First Peoples culture and arts underpins everything we do?
    • How do we improve the awareness of the public value of the arts in the community?
    • How do we ensure young and independent artists have a voice in determining the future?
  • + - What is the ArtsFront U30 Symposium?

    Arts Front Under 30 Symposium is a three day event created by and for emerging artists held in Newcastle in September 2018. It will bring together 100 emerging artists aged 18-30 for three days of connection, conversation and collaboration. Exploring how young people are positioned in the Australian arts and cultural sector and expressing how young people want to be positioned in the sector by 2030. Delegates will be creating content through videos, position papers and other mediums to present back to the sector - including major arts organisations and government agencies. The Symposium is the first stage of a three year program for Arts Front Under 30 (AFU30). AFU30 is a movement to amplify the voices of young people in the Australian cultural sector through youth participation and advocacy.

  • + - Why Arts Front U30?

    As the youth arts sector has been shrinking the voice of young people in the arts industry is being lost. We need to engage and amplify a generation of artists and arts workers to have the confidence to be in sector wide conversations, policy and cultural change within Australia. By bringing together 100 emerging artists and arts workers aged 18-30 from across Australia we aim to build a more connected and vocal emerging Australian cultural sector. It will feed into Arts Front’s future visioning and ensure that young and independent artists have a voice in determining the future as well as speaking to broader conversations happening in the arts industry that are pushing for an increase in youth participation across the sector.

  • + - What will we being doing?

    For 3 days delegates will engage in workshops, discussions, idea generation and information sharing. Strengthening their networks and knowledge and reducing isolation and increasing transparency in the arts industry. The delegates involved in the symposium will have an active role in setting the agenda in the lead up to the symposium and allowing for flexibility over the three days to go deeper into any topics or activities that arise.

  • + - I’m over 30, how can I get involved?

    There are many ways people over 30 can be involved in ArtsFront U30. If you send an email to contact@artsfront.com we’ll be able to work something out.

  • + - I’m under 18, can I still come?

    If you are under 18 and you would like to come to Arts Front U30 that is great! We’ll just need to organise some extra things for you. If you could please email contact@artsfront.com someone will get in contact with you about it and we can see what we can do.

  • + - I can’t attend all the dates, can I come for only part of the symposium or attend online?

    As we have such a limited number of delegates it is important that if you are chosen that you attend the entire event. If you can’t make the event you can participate online. Keep an eye on our instagram @artsfrontu30 or facebook ArtsFront for more info in the lead up to the symposium.

  • + - I have access and/or support requirements, can you support me?

    It is important for us to be able to provide an accessible space for all of our delegates. Upon application you will be asked about support requirements, please let us know ASAP what you will want so that we can ensure that we can provide them to you.

  • + - I have more questions, who should I talk to?

    Email contact@artsfront.com, or you can call Sara on 0401 144 100.


"All the magic of creation exists within a single tiny seed" - Magi Lune, FernGully (1992)

ArtsFrontU30 began as a seed idea at the 'ArtsFront 2030' conference two years ago. Please detail some of the main ideas around your seed, on behalf of yourself and anyone in your group, for both the viewing pleasure of your symposium delegate peers, and for possible further exploration in future.

  • A Penny For Your Thoughts
    by Grace Crogan, Monday 29 October 6:57pm

    Just going way out there with this... may not happen for a long time but I just wanted to get a feel for the response something like this might get.

    So I'm studying psychology at school currently and I'm finding a lot of it very applicable to public relations/business skills/relationships/reducing tokenism and increasing inclusivity, diversity, understanding, etc. 

    I'm thinking of a workshop/interactive program/TED talk program that runs over a few days with different sessions throughout covering the following topics:

    1) Non-verbal Communication and Robinson's Social Skills - the unspoken and unexpectedly practiced social skills and expectations that help us to maintain formal relationships; what they are and how they work. Would be good for new employees and also to expand knowledge about that which some of us don't think about but inadvertently expect of others. 

    2)Formation of Attitudes and Reducing Prejudice (including implicit bias) - discusses the formation and the fundamental units of attitudes and prejudice, what defines them from opinions or perspectives, how they can subconsciously exist in the workplace/individual; becoming aware of this and implementing ways to reduce actions/bias driven by subconscious attitudes and prejudices. 

    3)Inter-group Competition vs Conflict (Cohesion and how to improve it/reduce competition) 

    4)Theories of Intelligence and what to look for - based on your desired outcomes. 

    5) Social Identity and Concept - what is it and how does it contribute to competition, conflict, cohesion, attitudes and prejudice.

    6)Group Behaviour - understanding different types of group behaviour (both positive and negative), what promotes it and how to manage it. How group size is related to outcomes, and how this is related to group behaviour, attitudes and social identity. 

    Other notes could include things like "the science behind the anxiety gremlin - understanding (on a biological/neurological level) what exactly is happening in there"... etc, etc.

    <3 <3

  • Food fight cast and creative team
    by Emily Pierce, Tuesday 2 October 4:52pm

    Hi all, 

    Thank you for a wonderful 2 and half days. 

    My seed idea is about re developing a piece on body image and eating disorders. This is a call out for all actors, creatives, designers, art and music artists. Let’s all collaborate and make something amazing.

    Long term goal, get funding to tour around regional Australia! 🌻

  • Artist Swap - Regional 2 City
    by David Molloy, Tuesday 2 October 11:43am

    As a way of building the relationship between city & regional artists, and valuing them equally, we retire the Fly-In-Fly-Out (FiFo) model in favour of an artist swap. Instead of flying a city artist to a regional area where they get highly paid and leave nothing behind, a city artist and a regional artist swap places and create a work in connection with the local community. They stay in contact throughout the process via Skype, and when they return home they bring with them new resources, experiences and networks that ensure a lasting connection between city and country.  

  • Shared season of independent theatre in Adelaide
    by Rebecca Mayo, Friday 28 September 12:24pm

    I’m part of a group in Adelaide working to bring the somewhat atomised professional independent theatre community together through a curated season of work in 2019. The season will be curated by a rotating peer panel that would change every year (assuming we continue into the future) and we’re hoping to build towards finding a venue that could be the home of independent theatre in Adelaide. 

    I’m really interested in hearing of models of other artist-run/shared initiatives and spaces to inspire how we can make it work for us. 

    Also, just any other ideas generally if you have them HMU! 

  • Arcadia reading group + collective + exhibition
    by Jonno Revanche, Friday 28 September 12:14pm

    Thinking about how feelings of doom and nihilism are designed to abandon our connections and give up on our communities and hopes for the future.....so would like to facilitate a reading group based in sydney (but maybe with nation-wide reach?) that can act as preliminary research for an exhibition, performances, etc. Been really inspired by this piece: http://www.scum-mag.com/magica...

    as well as the work of Elaine Scarry, Angela Davis, Arundhati Roy, Naomi Klein, Rebecca Solnit and how they propose alternatives to the hyper-corporate, exploitative and kyriachal systems currently being pushed to the fore in western societies. How do we imagine more liveable futures, more abundant wellsprings of love, hope, and communality? How can modern myths set the precedent for that, and how do we prioritise that as artists? 

  • Keeping Each Other Accountable
    by Oslo Jemmeson, Friday 28 September 11:43am

    It would be amazing to make a facebook group or group chat of some kind that would allow artists that work individually to talk about projects and keep one another accountable not only for their work, but make a space where we can check up on one another’s mental health. 

  • AFU30 Artshub
    by Valentina Corona, Friday 28 September 11:37am

    This digital platform will provide the infrastructure for artists and cultural workers to collaborate, learn skills, offer their knowledge and access resources across the sector. After establishing a space to collect ideas, information and resources as to what this tool should do, who it should service and what it should look like, we will establish a working group with representatives from diverse backgrounds who will continue working on the tool. 

    The AFU30 ArtsHub Brainstorming board is now live under THIS LINK

  • Knockoff
    by Alexandra Donald, Friday 28 September 11:37am

    A regular meetup in Brisbane for creatives to chat, network, collaborate, and share skills, opportunities, and successes.

  • "I have access that I want to share!"
    by Mika Benesh, Friday 28 September 11:34am

    I've had loads of people approach me to let me know they have some kind of leadership role, institutional access or contacts in their communities and industries. I'm making a google doc for everyone to put their name, what they have to offer, and contact deets. I'll format it properly when I get home, don't stress abt that! Thanks guys!


    by Johnny Valkyrie, Friday 28 September 11:31am

    QUEERSLAND will be an event in 2019 including multidisciplinary queer artists from Queensland. The artists will exhibit their practice, participate in panels and discussions and have the chance to connect with other queer artists. This is about creating a queer led, queer focused Queensland event for queer artists. Why not get involved? 

  • Mentorship program!
    by Mika Benesh, Friday 28 September 11:23am

    Working from the “building genuine community” discussion which established that we need to share knowledge, I’d like to develop a mentorship program! Let’s figure this out:

    "I'm interested in organising this": https://docs.google.com/spread...

    "I'm interested in mentoring someone": https://docs.google.com/spread...

    "I'm interested in being mentored": https://docs.google.com/spread...

  • Let’s keep talking about body positivity in the arts
    by Shaylee Leach, Friday 28 September 11:22am

    refer to title.

    But also heaps of people have said that they wanted to chat to me and haven’t had a chance.

    I’m still keen if you are.

  • Beginner Skill Sharing for Creative Sparking and Mental Wellness
    by Miranda Aguilar, Friday 28 September 11:19am

    Casual interdisciplinary group meetings where people share their skills (e.g. teaching writers how to dance for the first half, writers giving poetry workshops to dancers). As artists we often feel the need to monetize our art so it has value (gross), leading to creative blockage and burn out. A casual space where we can be creative and try and fail in completely new art forms with no need to monetize anything- and gives people a place to check in on each other.

    (I feel like it needs to be in person, so difficult to connect to geographically isolated artists? Is there a way to make it more accessible?)

  • A Symposium for Young Artists (Under 35)
    by Jack Fitzgerald, Friday 28 September 11:05am

    I thought of this.

  • Independent Community Arts Journalism
    by Kevin Ng, Friday 28 September 10:47am

    A national community videocast platform. Responding to the lack of transparency and the lack of places to share. A platform that can be a place to discuss structural inequalities in the arts, a place where critical discussions can happen, and that oppressive reprisals by institutions/political structures can be put into the spotlight. 

Arts Front Under 30 has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.