Current Masters of Social Policy student involved with the arts and invested in caring/caring abilities as a resource to strengthen communities and fight institutional/structural oppression. I'm also interested in the future of work, particularly the positive social equality outcomes of redefining 'work', 'family', and 'welfare' and the inter-relationships between these. Hoping to be part of building/facilitating strong, thriving communities in the future.

An online symposium exploring ideas of basic income and the need for an approach to economy that puts creativity and care at its centre. Led by a panel of artists, researchers, economists, scientists and philosophers, the symposium responds to current and ongoing planetary crises, and positions creativity and social ecology as integral to shaping policy and systems of value.

The Symposium is a joint initiative of Arts Front, BLINDSIDE and Next Wave and was supported by the City of Melbourne COVID-19 Arts Grants.

May 28 2020 To May 28 2020