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As Deputy Executive Director, Queensland Ballet, Felicity has the responsibility for ensuring Queensland Ballet maintains its position as a world class company and authentic cultural voice. Its home in Brisbane is a vibrant, creative hub which increases arts access, enhances lifestyle, celebrates talent in Queensland, and fosters a unique sense of place and identity.

Her daily tasks orientate around imagining and implementing key initiatives aligned with Queensland Ballet’s growth strategy and Queensland Ballet’s presence in, impact on and responsiveness to all communities and their participants, with an understanding of how best to connect with communities onstage, offstage and online.

Her commitment to individuals living in regional and remote areas and her ability to bridge vast landscapes is evidenced by her pioneering use of videoconferencing, almost two decades ago, and the collaborative and consultative framework she uses to embed Queensland Ballet into the lives of everyday people, regardless of their geographic location.

Seizing opportunities as they arise and harnessing creativity, curiosity and sound business practices across teams, she is a resilient arts worker who cultivates partnerships that focus on research and sustainability as a way to generate thought leadership and evidence-based decision making.

Leading a large and diverse team, she has lifted Queensland Ballet’s participation numbers across community engagement programs to reach in excess of 45,000 participants, has driven the Queensland Ballet Academy and Queensland Department of Education collaborative expansion and recently travelled to the Los Angeles Centre for Autism Research and Training with researchers from Deakin University to better understand the role ballet can play in the field of best practices treatment and intervention for children with autism.

As a ballet lover, an educator, a strategist and a leader, she ensures the contribution Queensland Ballet makes to the dance ecology, the arts sector and society more broadly is responsive to our communities whose needs are diverse and dynamic.

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