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John Willsteed remembers most of a long and varied career as a musician, travelling the world and leaving a legacy of hummable bass-lines. He has performed with many iconic Australian acts including The Go-Betweens, The Apartments, The Riptides and Ed Kuepper. He is a bass-player and guitarist, and has been a member of award-winning Brisbane band Halfway since 2011.

He is a graduate of the AFTRS and Griffith University and has an abiding interest in the musical history of his hometown (Brisbane) and the ways in which it might be told. As a sound editor and composer he has received national and international awards including 3 AFI Awards for sound.
Wilsteed also expresses a deep commitment to the wider concept and reality of the creative industries. He has acted on the board of QPIX and is currently president of Feral Arts management committee.
His research interest is in cultural history, particularly in the performing of archives.
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