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I am a visual artist, curator and arts worker based in Narrm/Melbourne. Born in Hong Kong, I am primarily making video, performance, text and installations. My work has been shown widely including Underbelly Arts Festival, SafARI, Bus Projects, Firstdraft, The Ferry Gallery (Thailand), Galleria Marcollini (Italy). My most recent curatorial projects include Frames of Seeing (2017) at Nite Art, Flygirl by Caroline Garcia (2017), Screen as a Room (2016) at THE SUBSTATION and Channels Festival (2015). I am the former Artistic Director at Channels video art festival (2014-2017), visual arts editor at Peril Magazine (2014-2017) and I have worked at many arts organisation including ACMI, Footscray Community Arts Centre and Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (UK).

I am really interested in Arts Front U30 because I believe I can contribute greatly in this conference with my wide range of experiences and my strong belief in advocacy and platform building. The key focuses for me would be 1) Diversity in the arts and 2) Making sustainable business models.

With the intrinsic power dynamic between the presenter and the artist, how do curators, programmers and those with most cultural and economic capital make space for artists of colour, First Nations artists, artists with perceived disability? Having worked on both ends of the table (as an artist as well as for arts organisations), I’ve been constantly challenged by the ongoing systemic problem that skewed the value of artistic labour of an artist comparing to the value of administrative labour of an arts worker. I’m really interested in exploring and contributing to new modes of working, new financial models for small arts organisations. My most recent role at ACMI X has also upskilled me to coordinate Australia’s first museum-led accelerator program for creative industries. Learning startup methodology for creative practitioners has exposed me to new approaches to building sustainable business models for artists and arts organisations. I believe these two issues are tied up with the same economic and creative capital problem in the system that could be explored and experimented further. These are the things I'd like to contribute to this conference.