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I am a Ukrainian London-based artist using paint and herbal teas as a medium. My artwork is driven by a deep curiosity in the plant-human relationship, rooted in her heritage of colloquial herbalism. Using oil paint as a meditative tool to explore this interdependence, my paintings usually emerge from staged encounters with plants in the form of participatory events – part peasant healer seance, part tea ceremony. This pursuit of plants is biographical, as if fulfilling genetic matrilineal program, drawing on her great grandmother’s role as the village wise woman.

Past shows include: BP Portrait Award at the National Portrait Gallery, Lewisham Arthouse, Arthouse1, Transition and Alice Herrick gallery, as well as included in shows in the US, Italy and Japan.

The Mind of Plants: Narratives of Vegetal Intelligence IS HERE! 

Join us for the book launch and be enchanted by a sharing of stories, dialogue, music and inspiration.

Santa Fe
Oct 28 2021

An online symposium that brings The Mind of Plants contributors together to share their reflections and various learnings with plants.

Stories, poetry and sound across a diversity of human languages and geographical landscapes. Come and join us!

USC Sunshine Coast
Apr 09 2021