Member Profile : Zoe Martin

I am the muse. And the creator. 

Creativity to me is a life force. The flow of inspiration as my other name Awen suggests. It is not just something that you make with your hands or body, but an energy all of its own flowing through each of us.

I am here to be a channel for that creative energy and tune it to broader cultural concepts where my passions lie and what is important to say. My journey is to tell stories of my own experience as well as sharing new perspectives that I have learnt from them.

Painting and multi media installation are my main tools for sharing the ideas that I am most passionate about. It is also my aim to connect people through art, confront difficult topics and open up discussion, bringing deeper understanding. 

My life experiences, my body, life modelling, are all my inspiration.  As are also the experiences of other women. I wish to capture what it means to be a woman and represent the female landscape in new ways.  

My current art practice and Master of Creative Arts research project is called Yoni Listening.  To find out more visit

Field Trip - Arts, Science, Tech and Environment Symposium

Sunshine Coast
Aug 08 2020