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I am the muse. And the creator. 

Zoe Martin is a multimedia artist whose practice captures what it means to be a woman and represent the female landscape in new ways. Her work connects people through imagery, design, installation and collaboration and aims to encourage people’s curiosity and deeper understanding of themselves. Zoe’s current project Yoni Listening is a unique way of studying her own body fusing art and technology. Her mission is to help all vaginas feel sacred again, using art, ritual and conversation challenging the language and visuality of the female experience.

Dedicated to art and culture, Zoe has studied and taught on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, as well as sought learning overseas. Having spent many years working in the art sector as a tertiary art and life drawing teacher, assistant gallery coordinator, graphic designer, exhibition and stage manager, Zoe is passionate about connecting people and creativity. She has had both solo and group exhibitions and also received awards for her creative work and contributed to the ArtsCoast Sunshine Coast Arts Plan as an arts influencer.

Yoni Listening – Acoustic Explorations of the Vagina

Yoni Listening by Zoe Martin explores the exceptional voice of the Yoni (vagina). Combining yoni drawing, meditation, deep listening techniques, art and the unique recording process from within the vagina, Zoe is helping all vaginas feel sacred again. Experiencing the female landscape from the distinct perspective of listening, Yoni Listening also helps to dismantle taboos and shame surrounding vaginas. These acoustic explorations of the vagina are designed to inspire diverse audiences inclusive of different gender, age and ethnicity to empower, educate and innovate!

"My ‘vaginal imaginations’ re-envision culture through unity, using technology and what is known about the vagina, to bring into reality what is possible; a world where vaginas are not shamed and where to express the female experience is not considered ‘other’ or taboo."


Field Trip is an international research symposium investigating creative practice at the intersection of art, science, technology and the environment. 

Sunshine Coast
Sep 25 2021

Field Trip - Arts, Science, Tech and Environment Symposium

Sunshine Coast
Aug 08 2020