Gatherings can be largescale events like the three day national Arts Front 2030 gathering that kick started Arts Front in November 2016. They can also be small, informal local get togethers of artists and partners that are organised and run locally and feed into the broader Arts Front dialogue on the future of arts and culture in Australia.

+ Organise an Arts Front Gathering


Past Gatherings and events:

Arts Front Under 30 – September, Newcastle

100 emerging artists and arts workers from across the country aged 18–30 converged in Newcastle for three days (Wednesday 26–Friday 28 September 2018) of art-making, conversations, skills development and future visioning.

The development of the program and selection of delegates was overseen by a national under 30 steering group. Delegates were selected based on a range of criteria to ensure diversity.

Actions coming out of Arts Front Under 30 will contribute to the larger Arts Front project. 

Arts Front Rights Symposium – March, Brisbane

The Symposium brought together 40 leading artists, policymakers, academics and rights advocates from across the country to work together at the Brisbane Powerhouse to develop the Arts Front 2030 Visioning Framework. 

Tasmanian Meetings – June 2017

  • Arts Tasmania 
  • First Nations Meeting – Kickstart Arts
  • All That We Are – Workshop

The Tasmanian Meetings focused on practical ways to grow engagement in the national conversation about the future of arts and culture amongst Tasmanian artists and communities.
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First Peoples First – Planning Workshop – Melbourne May 

Building on the strategic national priorities identified at last year’s Arts Front 2030 gathering at Footscray, the purpose of this three hour gathering at Melbourne’s Abbotsford Convent was for Arts Front members to work together on action plans for the roll out of the First Peoples First campaign nationally over the next twelve months. We heard updates and presentations from an amazing group of First Peoples leaders about key First Peoples cultural and arts initiatives underway across the country.


Sunshine Coast Arts Front Visioning Workshop

In conjunction with the good folk from the Sunshine Coast Creative Alliance Arts Front is running a sector gathering and visioning workshop as one of the regular series of Juice and Jam breakfast gatherings.

A fantastic line up of speakers – Bob Weatherall, Alethea Beetson, Kate Cherry presented over breakfast before a workshop that generated some great discussion and visions for the future. read more…




Arts Front 2030

Arts Front 2030 was a national, three-day gathering of artists, thinkers and change agents from across the country to help shape the future of culture and arts in Australia. 200 participants came together at Footscray Community Arts Centre to work on:

– developing shared visions for culture and arts in 2030
– building a national network of collaborators
– planning joint campaigns and projects
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