The MIC Billycan Project
The Arts Front Platform is a powerful new ‘whole of arts sector’ software system being developed as part of the Arts Front project.

It builds on Feral Arts’ previous large-scale arts sector software development projects, including PlaceStories and The Platform.

The focus is on supporting the practical needs of artists and arts companies in creating and delivering their work including, profiles, communications, events, documentation, live streaming, media management, profiles, data gathering, mapping and storytelling.

The Arts Front system is currently in live beta test with a public launch of the full platform planned for 2021.

“What really excites me is seeing my suggestions for new functionality being coded into the system and made available to everyone. I love how seamlessly Arts Front integrates the scientific and environmental aspects of my work. The development process really is artist-centred and artist-led.”

Leah Barclay - academic and sound artist

In addition to core programming, the Arts Front system is being refined through a series of live testing and development projects with partners across the county. Each new project adds to the functionality of the system as a whole.

If you would like to partner on a new testing and development project please email us.

Groups support members working together. They can be big or small and there are lots of great tools to keep everyone connected.

Explore some featured groups below, or browse all groups.


The Arts Front system provides artists with a powerful and growing set of tools to manage their events and support their practice – live streaming, custom registrations, email and mobile communication, programs and scheduling, user-contributed content, media archiving and more!

Explore some of our featured events below, or browse all events


This powerful new feature of the Arts Front system enables members to propose their own actions and invite others to join and contribute. Actions support sharing of knowledge between artists and communities who might be keen to try something similar.

We’ve created a sample action for you to try out or you can create your own actions. We’d love to get your feedback.


As with Feral Arts’ previous platforms mapping is a huge and growing part of the new Arts Front system. The mapping tools and services are constantly in development and new features are coming online all the time.

Let us know if you’ve got any specific mapping needs and register here to keep up to date with new features as they come online.

We'd love your feedback!!

The Arts Front Platform is in live beta testing. The development team are working on it right now. The full Arts Front system will be launched in 2021.

Please take a look around and try things out. Features will continue to change and develop over time. If you have a question, see something that's broken or have ideas for new features or improvements, we would love to hear from you!.

And remember, your content on Arts Front always belongs to you. You decide who gets to access it. And you can delete your profile and content at any time.