Arts Front Compact

Arts Front Compact + 2030 Action Plan

The Compact is a distillation of the ideas, principles, priorities and actions identified through Arts Front visioning into a shared statement on the future of the arts in Australia in 2030. 

It is a baseline agreement that connects the whole arts sector, detailing our priorities and the things we all hold to be non-negotiable. It will provide a platform for collective action on priorities determined by the sector. 

The whole arts sector is invited to help shape and sign up. 

  • First Peoples First 
  • artist-centred | artist-led
  • local actions | global connections 

It signals a repositioning of the arts from the margins to centre stage, sparking a new era of consciousness, connectedness and collective action. 

The new Arts Front Platform will support the delivery and reporting of actions people undertake.

2030 Action Plan

A key outcome from the Arts Front Rights Symposium was the decision to develop a rights-based compact for the arts sector in Australia.

For Australia to fulfill its potential as a nation culture and arts needs to move in from the margins to take on leadership roles. Under the Compact artists and cultural leaders will agree to strengthen relationships and build solidarity. It calls on artists and cultural leaders to stand together, take ownership and responsibility for the future of the arts and the country, and lead change through our day to day actions. 

Parallel to the development of the Compact, we will begin work on an Arts Front 2030 action plan outlining the practical actions we can all take to achieve the shared visions for the future. 

The concept of a rights-based approach has generated a lot of interest and support from a wide range of people. But our conversations in the lead up to the Symposium have also shown that whilst interest is high, the level of knowledge of our rights and responsibilities under these agreements is comparatively low. One of our opportunities, starting at the Symposium, is to help build the awareness and understanding of our rights across the arts sector and broader community.

In adopting a rights-based approach the Symposium also aims to bring leading advocacy voices from diverse parts of the arts sector together on a level playing field to work on shared values and a shared platform for whole of sector advocacy. It is forum for us to explore the interconnections in our work and to build relationships to strengthen our presence and identity.

First Peoples First

The decision for First Peoples culture and arts to be the underpinning of the emerging framework is based on an understanding that any viable or legitimate future arts and cultural policy must have first peoples culture and arts as its basis and foundation.

This positioning of First Peoples arts and culture as inextricably tied to a recognition of the unresolved status of the place in which we live. It is an acknowledgement that ownership of Australia has never been ceded by its First Peoples and that 230 years after occupation by the English, no treaties or agreements have been negotiated.

It connects the work of the Symposium (and Arts Front more broadly) with moves towards treaty / treaties currently being progressed by First Nations leaders across the country. It asks some questions of the role of the arts sector in support of this work.