Arts Front version 2

Software with Soul

v6dc-dff4ba680e945e400d3d800a9fa29f3e.png is a testing and development site for a new Arts Front digital platform, set to be launched nationally in mid-2020.

Arts Front is aiming high and dreaming big. We are reimagining how we use technology in our creative practice and day-to-day work.  It is part of a radical repositioning of the arts aimed at sparking a new era of consciousness, connectedness and collective action.

We’ve been thinking:

  • How do we harness the potential of new technologies and protect the work we create?
  • How do we embed our core values in the technologies we build and use in our work each day?
  • How can technology help us connect and collaborate better in creating the future we want for arts and culture in Australia?

Applying skills and knowledge gained through the development of PlaceStories and The Platform, the new Arts Front Platform is being built from scratch using the latest technologies to meet the creative, communications, events organising, collaborative, documentation, media management, profiling, data gathering, mapping and storytelling needs of the whole arts sector.

The new Arts Front system is being built to embody and actively promote key Arts Front values and priorities: 

  • First Peoples First 
  • Artist-centred and artist-led
  • Our rights to inclusion, equity, diversity, climate action

For example, a new function currently being trialled invites people organising an event to acknowledge and connect with the traditional owners of the place their event is being held. Similarly, work is underway to embed practical support for artists to reduce the carbon footprint of their events and to make them more accessible. These are early examples of the Arts Front values being made manifest through the platform.



“With the rise and rise of independent artists and small arts companies, the opportunity for a platform like Arts Front is to really focus on our creative and practical needs as artists. What really excites me is seeing my suggestions for new functionality being coded into the system and made available to everyone. I love how seamlessly Arts Front integrates the scientific and environmental aspects of my work. The development process really is artist-centred and artist-led.”


Leah Barclay, sound artist, composer, researcher
 Leah Barclay is an Australian sound artist and researcher working at the intersection of art, science and technology.


Nicole VoeVodin-Cash is a visual artist with extensive experiences in residencies, public art gallery and children’s programming.


“For the first time in my career I’m starting to see the potential for technology to provide practical help in growing my practice while protecting my IP. Working with Arts Front is opening up new opportunities to scale up my projects whilst retaining ownership of my work. It feels good to be part of something that is actually focused on my needs.”


Nicole VoeVodin-Cash, visual artist