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So – what is a Rights Tree
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Arts Front is a four-year project supporting artists to take the lead in shaping the future of culture and the arts in Australia. 

Arts Front is a chance think and act beyond our current systems: what could culture and the arts in Australia look like in 2030 and how do we go about making our visions a reality?

Arts Front is also building a national network of collaborators leading change in the arts and cultural sector and broader community. It is connecting all artform areas and all parts of the arts and cultural sector to mobilise and campaign around shared goals and objectives. 

  • How do we ensure First Peoples culture and arts underpins everything we do?
  • How do we improve the awareness of the public value of the arts in the community?
  • How do we ensure young and independent artists have a voice in determining the future?


    Arts Front 2030

    The Arts Front movement kicked of with a national, three-day gathering of artists, thinkers and change agents from across the country to help shape the future of culture and arts in Australia.

    200 participants came together at Footscray Community Arts Centre to work with people online around the country on:

  • developing shared visions for culture and arts in 2030
  • building a national network of collaborators
  • planning joint campaigns and projects

What would Australian Arts look like in 2030 if it truly represented the cultural diversity of its people?Rather than reacting and responding to funding cuts, DARTS took the future by the horns as part of an Arts Front futuring initiative to imagine what we want and need to move forward with energy and agency.

Posted by Diversity Arts Australia on Monday, 12 June 2017


  • Arts Front 2030 - Smoking Ceremony - image Eve StaffordArts Front 2030 – Traditional Acknowledgement and Smoking Ceremony – image Eve Stafford

How can I get involved?

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First Peoples First

First People’s culture and arts is the foundation of culture and the arts in Australia. The active involvement of First People’s artists and organisations and prioritising their vision for the future are fundamental starting points for the Arts Front movement.

The First Nations Steering Group has developed a Shared Values Statement for Arts Front. This is living document that will continue to evolve with the project.

Peter White explains the centrality of First Peoples culture and arts to Arts Front:

Show your support by contributing to the First Peoples First Campaign.

Arts Front also works to actively support culturally and linguistically diverse artists, regional artists, artists with disabilities, LGBTIQ artists, independent artists and young and emerging artists.

Background to Arts Front

Arts Front is an initiative of Feral Arts. The government funded arts sector in Australia has enjoyed largely bi-partisan support for nearly fifty years. Recently however the arts has become increasingly politicised. Things came to a head in late 2013 with the axing of Creative Australia – a new national arts and cultural policy that was six years in the making – just three months after the change of federal government. From this point on it was clear that there was no point anyone investing time and energy in the development a partisan arts and cultural policy again. We have to think and work differently. Artists need to take on greater responsibility for leadership and policy visioning in Australia. We need to step up and help to develop shared visions for the future that are endorsed and supported by all political parties.

Feral Arts secured four year organisations funding (2017 – 2020) through the Australia Council as a new breed of national service organisation designed to work across artform boundaries and other conventional industry demarcations.  Combined with a 2 year x 2 year contract from Arts Queensland the company has a platform in place to deliver the Arts Front project. Essentially this investment provides resources to work in three main areas:

  • Campaigns – leading the strategic and active engagement of the arts sector in national watershed issues.
  • Connectedness – improving the level and quality of communication and sharing, both within the arts sector and other with other sectors.
  • Capacity Building – enhancing the capacity of the arts sector to advocate and lead.


Aseel Tayay at Arts Front 2030 – image Feral Arts

Feral Arts will convene and support the work of the Arts Front Steering Groups and provide communications support for the campaigns, working groups and projects that Arts Front decides to undertake. Our work will include ongoing development and support of the Arts Front website and a suite of custom collaborative tools to support our work together and keep us connected – including social media. We will bring the work of Arts Front together through regular updates (like this one) and will continue to explore strategic connections and partnerships both within the arts sector and more broadly. We will provide support for people organizing Arts Front events in their own communities/regions. We will also work to connect artists and organizations across the country whose work contributes to the future visioning shared visions for 2030.

In all, our four year program is designed to provide Arts Front with the capacity to grow into an effective national network that continues to flourish beyond the life of the project.

If you have any other questions about the Arts Front program and Feral Arts role please email or call!

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Arts Front is an initiative of Feral Arts. 

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Feral Arts and Arts Front and have been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

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Feral Arts and Arts Front is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland