Event :: Dalby Billycan Project - 2019

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Dalby Billycan Project - 2019

Dalby Billycan Project - 2019

To engage, activate and walk with seniors and community in Dalby

Mar 18 2019 To Jun 06 2019

Dalby Billycan Project - 2019

A 3 part project.

Billycan Walking: connecting with the community through visiting aged care, disabilities and respite centres, community events and general public through walking, moving and activating to create a tangible outcome of a drawing. Using the Billycan as a analogue drawing machine that captures your every movement resulting in a drawing that we call a true selfie!!!

Part 1 Walking: Everyday for 3 months (morning and night) to activate and engage the community while Artist in Residence in Dalby. Also visiting Aged Care, Dementia and disability centres to work with staff, physio's and residents to get them moving.

Part 2 The Interview: As an intergenerational project a Photo journalist was engaged to organise interviews by primary students with my walkers about their experiences while walking! And take a snapshot of the them together for the exhibition.

Part 3 The Exhibition: Held at Dalby 107 Gallery in August of the Drawings completed over the three months, the interviews, drawings enlarged (as high art), drawings on homewares (as mementos of being in Dalby), and some of the aged care residents Billycans which they decorated with me. 

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Day 1 - Monday 18th

Monday 18 March 12:00am - 12:00am AEST

Test Session

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