Event Registration


Before you begin, please read the points below

  • If any questions do not apply, please answer N/A.
  • Any media you supply may be recorded and distributed via the platform before, during and after the PANNZ Arts Market, along with any online events you participate in (via Zoom, for example) that take place over the course of the PANNZ Arts Market. This information will only be available to registered 2022 PANNZ Arts Market delegates, and will be available on the platform for up to one year.
  • The one-day In Person Market component has been postponed to June 2022 - taking place around the Auckland Live Cabaret Season. The final date and details of that will be confirmed soon.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your registration please email us at info@pannz.org.nz.


As a presenter, a funded organisation, or an industry supporter the combined price for the whole week is:

$495 +GST

A PANNZ team member will contact you following registration with information about how to pay your registration fee.

Please note that there are no day passes or discounts if you can only attend a portion of the PANNZ Arts Market - these prices are designed to ensure you are able to participate for the entire week.

1 What support needs do you require?
2 Specify any dietary requirements you may have.

In Person Market only.

3 Additional Information

Anything else we need to know? Please limit to 150 words.

44 Contact Name - Ingoa (*)
38 Contact Email - Īmera Whakapā (*)