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MIC Peace Day
Sep 11 2019 To Sep 18 2019

Peace Day celebrations at MIC 2019


Peace Day Event Plan 

MIC logo 

could we get a large print of the MIC Logo on a banner that could sit on the ground next to the peace symbol and visible from the drone shot?

Camera coverage

- Sony A57 DSLR on Ronin-S Gimbal - getting shots of students preparing in class and walking to the oval and shots of Nick Aggs MC

Iphone 8 (Sarah's) on OSMO mobile 2 Gimbal - getting shots of students preparing in class and walking to the oval. 

Insta360 oneX - getting timelapse of the students forming symbol from senior deck 

iphone 8 (Norms) - back up timelapse of peace symbol from tripod on senior deck 

Canon 5D - roving stills + interview with 

Mavic Pro 2 Drone - selfie, helix and rocket mode shots

Rehearsal Shoot
We are planning to get the best footage possible at the rehearsal so that we have that as a back-up should anything go awry on the 20th. Hence, Norm is thinking we will have the scissor lift on that day rather than 20 September. 

Nick Aggs on Microphone
Nick did a great job on Sports Day last term and we are thinking it would be great to have him on the microphone for this event (both the rehearsal and the actual shoot). That way Nick can communicate to the children while they are out on the oval, let them know when to wave their hats (if that's what we decide to do) and also remind them where they need to go once the shoot is over etc. Nick has said he is happy to do this both days and was part of the discussion with Norm, Nicole and I this morning.

Scissor Lift
Grant has said he is happy to pay for this, which is great. Norm is arranging with Kennards Hire. Nick Harrison - Grant has asked that as this is happening at the high school and there will be four high school students on the scissor lift (operating the cameras) can you please complete a risk assessment form and send it to him?

Nick Aggs is arranging background music for the video and is working with Norm on this. Thanks Nick!

Aleisha - we assume all of the students will need to be wearing their hats as they will be out in the sun? We are thinking to create some movement in the video that Nick A could coordinate them all to wave their hats at an appropriate time of the filming. Are you OK with that?

Instructions to children at the end of both shoots (rehearsal on the 11th and actual shoot on the 20th)
Aleisha - can you please let us know what you'd like Nick Aggs to say to the children once the shoot is finished both times? On rehearsal day will they just find their Guides and take instructions from them about heading back to class. What about at 3pm on last day of term? Will students need to go back to class to sign out or would they be released from there? Of course, I understand it will be different for the Early Years students - I imagine either way they'll need to be walked back to class with their Guides. Will that be the same for JP, SP and senior college students? We just need to give a short script to Nick A to make sure he gives the right instructions over the loudspeaker on the day.

Interview with Aleisha
Aleisha, Norm said today that he'd like the video group to do a short interview with you about Peace Day as they will edit that into the overall video to provide some context. Are you OK with that? I'm happy to write a few questions and some suggested (short) answers. I think we need about 2-3 10 second grabs from you. Norm has said next Wednesday would be the best time for the video group to interview you for this. Can you please let me know if you have a 20-30 minute window next Wednesday? I'll send you my suggested questions and answers - feel free to use if it's helpful or if you'd rather wing it, do that!

Logos for the video
I'm also providing our MIC logos to Norm and the video group for them to use in the final video.

Montessori International College - Sunshine Coast

Maps of Important Event Locations