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Before you begin, please read the points below

  • If any questions do not apply, please answer N/A.
  • Any media you supply may be recorded and distributed via the platform before, during and after the PANNZ Arts Market, along with any online events you participate in (via Zoom, for example) that take place over the course of the PANNZ Arts Market. This information will only be available to registered 2021 PANNZ Arts Market delegates, and will be available on the platform for up to one year.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your registration please email us at info@pannz.org.nz.

1 Ticket Options (*)

Artists / Producers will not be charged a fee to attend the Digital Arts Market. There is however a small fee to attend the In Person Arts Market ($100NZ + GST). A PANNZ team member will contact you following registration with information about how to pay your registration fee, if applicable.

2 What support needs do you require?
3 Specify any dietary requirements you may have.

In Person Market only.

4 Additional Information

Anything else we need to know? Please limit to 150 words.

5 Contact Name - Ingoa (*)
6 Contact Email - Īmera Whakapā (*)
Your email will be kept private.
7 Contact Mobile number - Tau Waea Pūkoro (*)

Your mobile number will be kept private. If registering from outside NZ please add your country code before your mobile number.

5 Headshot/Profile Image - Whakaahua Kanohi

Upload a hi-res image, up to 5Mb. All standard formats supported.

8 Preferred Pronouns / Tūkapi tōmina

For example, they/she/he.

9 Organisation/Company - Whakahaere/Umanga
10 Job Title - Tūranga Mahi
11 Website - Pae Tukutuku
12 Location / Wāhi noho whakapā (*)

Please specify, as a bare minimum, postcode and country (e.g. 2025 New Zealand).


If different from the contact information above, please provide details of who PANNZ should contact for billing of registration fees.



  • Every delegate who attends the Arts Market will have an automatically generated profile on the PANNZ 2021 Arts Market’s digital platform. This profile will be visible to all Arts Market delegates. Your contact information will not be visible to other delegates.
  • Your Arts Market delegate profile will be pre-populated with the information that you provide on this form, however, your profile is fully editable and you are able to add, edit and delete your information at any time using your profile settings menu. Once you are registered you will receive an email linking you to a Help tab which will provide you with information on editing and updating your profile.
  • We have tailored the information we ask you to include in the “About Me” of your profile so that delegates are bringing as much of their real selves to the party. This, combined with other engagement initiatives throughout the digital market week will, we hope, mean that the digital barriers around building relationships are mitigated and that we can all get to know each other in an authentic way. So please provide as much information in this section as you can.
13 Iwi affiliation

E.g Your tribal affiliation, or group of people who you descend from.

14 Rohe / Region

E.g. Something about where you come from geographically - how did you come to stand in the place / land where you are today?

15 How did you get where you are today?

E.g. What pathway led you to your current role within the arts?

16 About my organisation/company

E.g. What do you love about the work you make and the people you make it with?

17 Whānau / Family / Your People

E.g. Tell us a little bit about the people that stand behind you and with you.

18 Something cool

E.g. Share a recent discovery that you think others will enjoy, an app, book, article, movie etc.


PLEASE NOTE: As an artist or producer attending the 2021 PANNZ Arts Market you will have the opportunity to promote up to three works from your repertoire on your delegate profile. This will create an opportunity for other delegates and presenters to learn about the work you represent / create and may be useful for networking purposes when meeting or communicating with presenters during the market.

We are still adding the finishing touches to this functionality so you won’t yet be able to see your works on your profile, but for now please provide information for the first work you would like to add here. Once you are registered the PANNZ team will contact you with instructions on how and when you are able to add additional works to your profile and edit any work related content.

19 Synopsis
20 Creative team and crew
21 Number of people in the touring party
22 Please list any previous seasons
23 Hero Image

Upload a hi-res image, up to 5Mb. All standard formats supported.

23 Production Images

Upload up to 4 hi-res images. All standard formats supported.

24 Video Links

Please note, we cannot accept password protected trailers. Please ensure that your trailer is publicly available. However, passwords are acceptable for full length show footage. Please be aware that PANNZ makes a commitment to only supply your password to registered presenters and we will request that they only use the password in connection to viewing your work for PANNZ Arts Market purposes.

23 Review Quotes
26 Current tech rider (if available)
24 I'm Sure You're Not a Bot! (*)