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Darwin CREATIVE is an arts and cultural community building and profile raising program for the City of Darwin. 

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Dialogue in the Dark
by NT Arts & Health Network, Friday 15 March 1:35pm

Have you heard about Dialogue in the Dark™. It's a sensory journey set in total darkness. I discovered it on a recent trip to Melbourne. The project is a creative, interactive and fun way to understand people who are blind.

This experience could be an interesting project to try in Darwin, how would you respond to sensing your everyday world, rather than seeing it? Imagine the sounds, smells, feeling you would have! Could it be a walking through Mindle Markets experience?

Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory (MAGNT) is FREE!
by NT Arts & Health Network, Thursday 31 January 12:50pm

Last year Canada announced that doctors would be able to prescribe museum visits and Canada’s free healthcare will scrap the $23 ticket cost. Did you know that in Darwin the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory (MAGNT) is FREE!

“There’s more and more scientific proof that art therapy is good for your physical health. It increases our level of cortisol and our level of serotonin. We secrete hormones when we visit a museum and these hormones are responsible for our well-being. People tend to think this is only good for mental-health issues. That it’s for people who’re depressed or who have psychological problems. But that’s not the case. It’s good for patients with diabetes, for patients in palliative care, for people with chronic illness.” -Dr. Hélène Boyer.

Creative Arts Therapies workshops series
by NT Arts & Health Network, Thursday 24 January 1:17pm
30th March, 2019

The year is kicking off and its a great chance to expand on our knowledge and skills. Spots are filling up quickly for the Creative Arts Therapies workshops series. Last year at the Creative Arts Therapies Symposium they focused on resource-sharing and trans-disciplinary practice. The workshop is made for practitioners from health settings who want to develop skills in using creativity and the arts to support trauma survivors in their practice. Last year practitioners left feeling very inspired, acquiring new skills and resources to bring into their practice. These events have created new partnerships between CDU, Melaleuca Refugee Centre, Darwin Yoga Space and the Australian Music Therapy Association. Find out more: Trauma and Creativity   #CreativeHealth#Trauma #Creativity 

Dancing in Darwin!
by NT Arts & Health Network, Thursday 10 January 2:29pm
10th January, 2019

Dance is seen as a great activity for many different people in many different age groups.  There is so much research around that looks at the benefits of dance. In the Northern Territory we have a few dance groups. Tracks Dance have a group called The Grey Panthers for seniors. Just like many of dance workshops they have the Grey Panthers maintains a level of health and fitness. This particular group is assisting in counteracting many conditions that come with age and also helps to keep the brain sharp. Tracks provides this within a creative environment of socialisation.

Corrugated Iron Needs You!
by Corrugated Iron Youth Arts, Wednesday 19 December 2:10pm
19th December, 2018

The Corrugated Iron workshop program provides a space in which young people can explore their creativity, develop skills and have fun. The Creative Schools & Communities Program supports artists residencies across the NT in all art forms.

Corrugated Iron is looking teaching artists and community engagment workers for 2019. Would you like to be part of this action? 

Corrugated Iron works across all ARTFORMS:
Music Circus Poetry
Dance Story Telling Film & Video
Theatre Visual Arts Aerial Circus 

The work is:
Urban regional & remote
Short term contacts (3 days to 3 weeks for residencies)
Weekly gigs across the school term (8-10 week blocks)

You may be:
A creative professional
An early career artist
A teacher looking for change
(If teaching is new to you but you are interested in gaining experience please get in touch)

If you are interested please send your CV or Resume outlining relevant experience and we will get in touch with you.

Please send to by 31 January 

Awards and Competitions
Human Rights Award
by Corrugated Iron Youth Arts, Wednesday 19 December 9:49am
12th December, 2018

Corrugated Iron is thrilled to have received an NT Human Rights Award for our work with young people across the Northern Territory. It is fantastic recognition of the work of our fabulous team of artists and artsworkers - on the ground & behind the scenes, and of the partnerships & collaborations that keep our projects bouyant. #corrocrew #ciyant #humanrights #awards


How circus can help sick children and improve mental health
by NT Arts & Health Network, Tuesday 18 December 10:18am
18th December, 2018

Contrary to popular belief, circus is not just about juggling and tumbling — it has a psychological impact that can be used for a variety of cases. The Wollongong-based circus facilitator works with a variety of people who all come to circus with different physical and psychological needs. The benefits of exercise have long been linked to mental health, and circus provides an avenue of exercise that can be fun, relaxing or playful. Local organisations such as Corrugated Iron provide circus workshops for young people in the Territory.

The power of poetry
by NT Arts & Health Network, Tuesday 18 December 10:04am
18th December, 2018

This article looks at how the power of poetry is yielding results for people living with dementia. The Alzheimer’s Poetry Project uses poetry to inspire creative self-expression, reduce social isolation and provide social and intellectual stimulation for people living with dementia. Writing can benefit your mental health so much! There are writing groups all over the Territory, the NT Writers' Centre is just one of these! 

Creative Health. Who are we?
by NT Arts & Health Network, Monday 10 December 9:49am
10th December, 2018

Need a handy tool to describe Creative Health? Not sure what it is all about? This document is a quick and easy way to get a view of what Creative Health is all about! https://www.instituteforcreati... If you are interested in sharing upcoming events of activities merging health and the arts together get in touch!   

5th December, 2018

The Institute for Creative Health are a national independent, not for-profit Australian organisation that advocates for the arts to be delivered within health and social service organisations and the broader community. We develop creative health projects that improve people’s health and wellbeing and support practitioners and organisations to better deliver creative health programs. Heres how to check us out! This is a great place for sharing arts and health projects.

Different Coloured Banners for Different Kinds of Info in News Feed?
by City of Darwin, Wednesday 21 November 10:26am

Would doing this help identify what you are looking for?

Conferences and Talks
DCA Community Dinner - November
by Christian Ramilo, Saturday 17 November 1:58pm
26th November, 2018

The Community Dinner for November 2018 will beheld at Bagot Community on Monday, 26 November, from 6 PM, at the Bagot Community Store building. My Sisters' Kitchen will again provide food. Local musicians will perform.

Please RSVP here: email

Stage 1 of Darwin CREATIVE platform gets underway
by FeralArts, Saturday 17 November 2:16pm
19th November, 2018

The First stage 1 of testing and development is underway for the new Arts Front Darwin CREATIVE platform is underway. During this stage people are invited to create a profile and test out the news and feedback functions.

If you would like to join the test group click here: 

The second stage is due to begin on 3rd December.
Contact @feralarts for more information 

Test from mobile phone
by FeralArts, Tuesday 13 November 8:11am
15th November, 2018

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Arts Front comes to Darwin
by FeralArts, Tuesday 13 November 6:38am
13th November, 2018

Arts Front will be in town for a planning meeting and workshop with the Darwin arts community on Tuesday 13 November. 

It will be an opportunity to get up to speed on the Arts Front work in communities across the country as well as plan for Darwin and NT Arts Front events in 2019 and 2020. 

ACDAC to Meet in Darwin
by FeralArts, Tuesday 13 November 6:31am
13th November, 2018

The ACDAC will meet in Darwin on 13 November at the Darwin Civic Centre to work on a new platform to better connect and raise the profile of arts and culture in the NT. 

Darwin CREATIVE is being led by City of Darwin.

Darwin CREATIVE is an arts and cultural community building and profile raising program for the City of Darwin. It is an integrated program approach to increasing visibility, connectivity, inclusiveness and accessible opportunities for Darwin arts and cultural communities. The program seeks to strengthen and unite the diverse network of creatives, arts and cultural workers and their supporters in Darwin and increase the local sector’s national and international profile.  

Darwin, NT


The Community Dinner for November 2018 will beheld at Bagot Community on Monday, 26 November, from 6 PM, at the Bagot Community Store building. My Sisters' Kitchen will again provide food. Local musicians will perform.

Bagot Community Store, Bagot Community, Bagot Road, Ludmilla NT 0810
Nov 26 2018 To Nov 26 2018

An Arts Front Platform workshop in Darwin.

Council Meeting Room, Level 1 Civic Centre, Harry Chan Avenue
Jun 27 2019 To Jun 27 2019

Platform Feedback/Ideas

Please leave your ideas about the new Platform here. Feature requests and bug reports equally welcomed.

  • Groups?
    by Angela O'Donnell, Wednesday 9 January 11:29am

    Are there only 2 groups currently listed on the site or do we have limited access during the testing phase?  It would be good to see what else might be listed or how other locations or groups of interest might use this tool.  Agree the look is nice and clean - easy on the eyes, how is it for access and vision impaired?  I do note that some profiles appear on my screen as larger tabs than others and wonder if this might be tidied for symmetry?

  • Invite people to the group?
    by City of Darwin, Wednesday 21 November 9:29am

    How do you invite people to the group? I can see that Tamara, Hannah and Shaun already have profiles for example but can't see where you can invite ppl?

  • Some new News Categories?
    by FeralArts, Saturday 17 November 2:40pm

    Hi - I think we will need to provide some more NEWS categories like 'event' and 'performance' and 'exhibition'

  • Good platform
    by Christian Ramilo, Tuesday 13 November 12:30pm

    Good facilities, nice interface.

  • Test post
    by FeralArts, Monday 12 November 6:03pm

    This is my test post to the list ...and a bit more here