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The Butterfly Effect

Gamification of cultural and environmental action through schools.

The Butterfly Effect is a gamification of school-based cultural and environmental action. 

Adapting the concept from chaos theory that a butterfly flapping its wings can affect the weather on the other side of the planet, The Butterfly Effect describes the potential for big impact from local actions in a globally connected world. 

Building on the outcomes of the Eudlo Creek work, during 2020 the new project is being developed and delivered as a partnership with Gubbi Gubbi Dance, Montessori International College (MIC) and the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) and with our team of artists including Nicole Voevodin-Cash, Leah Barclay, Lyndon Davis and Brent Miller. 

The Butterfly Effect will operate at the intersection of arts, education, culture, creativity, science and technology and is based on the concepts of custodianship developed by Gubbi Gubbi Dance for their ground-breaking cultural education work:

"As Traditional Custodians we want to share our knowledge with everyone else living here and help them to start to become custodians too. By sharing our culture, our knowledge of plants and animals and keeping our language, our songs, our dances and our stories alive, we are making sure our country never dies.”

The aim is to develop the Butterfly Effect into a nationally and internationally scalable arts education program and software system. The Arts Front Platform will be adapted and used to support the school, students, teachers and other community members to Propose, Plan, Deliver and Report on the cultural and environmental Actions. Actions can be at a whole-of-school, class, group or individual level. All actions must be approved by designated school administrators. Local Traditional Owners have the right to veto any action.

Under the system schools, students and teachers earn Points for the Actions they successfully undertake either as individuals or groups. Actions can be aligned with subjects in the national curriculum so that students can earn Butterfly Effect points whilst doing their school work. Points are cumulative and go towards unlocking new levels on the journey to becoming custodians. Achieving higher levels unlocks opportunities to play increasingly significant roles. 

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