Member Profile : Adam Nash


Adam Nash is a digital artist, composer, programmer, performer, teacher and writer. He works in virtual environments as sites of playable art. He uses virtual environments, game engines, the web, generative and procedural composition and programming, data and motion capture, artificial intelligence, synthetic evolution, audio, vision and live performance.

His work has been presented in galleries, festivals and online all over the world, including SIGGRAPH, ISEA, 01SJ, Venice Biennale, National Gallery of Victoria and National Portrait Gallery of Australia. He received the inaugural Australia Council Multi-User Virtual Environment Artist in Residence grant. He was artist in residence at Ars Electronica FutureLab. He was shortlisted for the National Art Award in New Media at QGOMA for his work in multi-user virtual environments.

He collaborates with John McCormick under the name Wild System, developing AI-driven performative collaborations between virtual environments and robots. He has worked as composer and sound artist with Company In Space (AU), Gibson/Martelli (UK) and TMWKTM (AU), exploring the integration of sound and music into virtual environments.

He has a PhD in Multi-User Virtual Environments from Centre for Animation and Interactive Media at RMIT University. He was Associate Dean of Digital Design in the School of Design at RMIT, and is now Associate Professor of Interior Design in the School of Architecture and Urban Design, bringing his practice of the virtual to an expanded concept of interior. His academic writing explores the ontology and the aesthetics of the digital/virtual. As a PhD supervisor, he specialises in practice-based research of digital/virtual realities.

Field Trip - Arts, Science, Tech and Environment Symposium

Sunshine Coast
Aug 08 2020