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Alysha Herrmann is a proud parent, daughter of regional Australia, writer, theatre maker, creative producer and community organiser. She makes performances, installations, experiences, presentations, poetry, digital exchanges and small moments of connection in public places. 

Alysha has won numerous awards for her work using the arts to interrogate and explore community concerns and aspirations, including the 2017 Arts South Australia Geoff Crowhurst Memorial Ruby Award and the 2015 Australia Council Kirk Robson Award. Alysha is also an alumnus of the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation’s flagship national leadership program ARLP, and Foundation for Young Australians Young Social Pioneers program.  

Alysha’s work is grounded in community arts and cultural development practice and she is dedicated to nurturing and supporting the voices of young people and regional communities. Alysha is currently employed full-time in a statewide Creative Producer role dedicated to producing new creative outcomes by young people in regional South Australia. Her position is co-funded and managed by Carclew and Country Arts SA. 

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Arts Front Leadership Group

A leadership group supporting the Art Front project.

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A leadership group supporting the Art Front project.

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Rural and Regional Visioning

Rural and Regional Visioning 

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Rural and Regional Visioning 

The Australian arts sector's first 100% online conference + festival.

* PLEASE NOTE: No inflight meals will be harmed in the development and delivery of this event.  

Nov 01 2020 To Nov 30 2020

Arts Front Under 30 Symposium – September 2018, Newcastle

Sep 26 2018 To Sep 28 2018