Member Profile : Angela McArthur

Angela McArthur is currently artist in residence within the ARTEC program at NTNU, Norway, creating sound works to reflect their discourses around ocean environments. In 2019 she was in residence at the Institut für Elektronische Musik (IEM) in Graz, working with the IKO loudspeaker to make spatial sound installations representing ‘othered’ voices, through uncomfortable spaces of ambiguity. She is a practitioner, lecturer and PhD candidate, researching the aesthetics of distance in spatial sound. She's worked in studio, live and location environments, and her work draws from eco-feminist discourse and non-human onto-epistemologies. She co-produced a Sheffield Docfest-shortlisted VR film in 2017, worked with a US-based geo-scientist's infrasonic sound in 2018, and has had recent exhibits at Ars Electronica (in collaboration with the BBC), and Tate Modern (in collaboration with Nathaniel Mann).

Field Trip - Arts, Science, Tech and Environment Symposium

Sunshine Coast
Aug 08 2020