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I am an artist working in the mediums of sound art and sound design. I work in audio visual projects, works in recording, composition and sound design.
I studied anthropology, film studies and art history at the University of Zurich, then decided to shift towards a creative path.
2013 I graduated in Animation 2&3d from HSLU, Lucerne University of applied sciences and arts and spent one year of her studies at MOME, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest.
2018 I graduated from EPAS (European Postgraduate in Art of Sound) at KASK Conservatorium.

I am interested in researching more towards marine bioacoustics and nature listening. My artistic projects usually circle around the romance and human narration of nature events such as volcanoes, woods, oceans and how we loose and find our selves in this epistemological quests of trying to understand our surroundings and our place within.

Field Trip - Arts, Science, Tech and Environment Symposium

Sunshine Coast
Aug 08 2020