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I'm Bri Zammit from Brisbane and I'm currently the Associate Producer at Brisbane Powerhouse. Though I work in one of Brisbane's leading arts venues, I have also come from a very grass roots background and have loved working and being able to support independent artists, productions and festivals. 

At Brisbane Powerhouse, I mostly work with the festivals we run MELT Festival, Wonderland Festival and Brisbane Comedy Festival and I am eager to improve diversity in programming, sustainability (financially, audience focused, and environmentally), artist support, and accessibility (both in venue, and content of program) within these festivals. Accessibility is something I would really love to address in general with Brisbane Powerhouse's program and am really keen to explore how other organisations are working with this part of the community.  

I am also really passionate about connecting the community to our festivals and general program, and using their voices to assist in guiding our programming decisions. I've been strategically thinking about how we could include community ambassadors into the organisational structure and it would be really keen to develop this at Arts Front U30. My community focus groups would include: First Nations representatives, LGBTQI+ representatives, People with disabilities, and Independent Artists.  

Overall, I am really eager to meet like-minded individuals at Arts Front U30 and really unpack ideas to improve arts practices across Australia. Having previously attended the Atelier for Young Festival Managers, I can only imagine the value that I will receive from attending an Australian based arts (and youth) focused symposium.