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I am both an artist and an arts worker. I work in creative events and festivals as an Event Coordinator, and I am a professional dancer/performer. I used to organise local arts showcases, have worked independently/freelance, and currently work putting on a creative festival for a university. I’d love to be doing more dance work. 

I would love to be a part of Arts Front U30 because I’m very passionate about growth - personal, community, and societal. Being informed, educated, and culturally rich is a huge part of moving forward and growing, and I think I would learn so much from being a part of this. 

I think I can offer a range of perspectives, from my experience on both sides of the fences - artist/arts worker, and independent/corporate worker. 

Regardless of your choice about my participation, thank you so much for making an event like this happen!!

Arts Front Under 30 Symposium – September 2018, Newcastle

Sep 26 2018 To Sep 28 2018