Carolyn Lewens

Carolyn Lewens

Broadly canvassing ideas at work in science, I experiment with a variety of techniques and the traces of things, often deliberately mixing the literal and the phenomenal to bring a disquieting sense of presence through absence. I work solo and in collaboration producing complex ensembles of image, sound and text that investigate the properties and metaphors of light via the mysteries and movements of shadows, creating experimental works in photomedia/printmaking, mobile sculpture, animation and installation.

I remain fascinated with the serendipity of staged actions that bring unforeseen results and in the ambiguity of material processes and regenerative cycles. While largely drawing on scientific research I try to keep the magic of cosmic spectacles and mysteries of the unknown in my interpretation of science and environmental issues.

My work has been exhibited widely. I have been the recipient of numerous grants and awards – notably Australia Council, Arts Victoria and Regional Arts Victoria, CCP best work on an Environmental Theme, and in Black & White and several Linden Postcards. I have been on a number of cultural boards and taught Photomedia at Monash, RMIT & PSC. My project In The Photic Zone is part of a (currently lapsed) PhD at Monash University.

Field Trip - Arts, Science, Tech and Environment Symposium

Sunshine Coast
Aug 08 2020