Member Profile : Cecile Vuaillat

I am an arts worker currently working at Propel Youth Arts WA, it is an awesome organisation that works to provide opportunities for young people to engage in the arts or to develop careers in the arts. My role there is to produce our annual projects and events as well as develop new and exciting events for the young people in WA. 

I am really passionate about youth arts and community engagement which is why I feel lucky to be in a position where I can create a direct impact in the tight knit Perth arts community, largely due to the funding program that I manage and the major youth arts festival that Propel hold's each year for Youth Week. 

I'd love to attend Arts Front U30 to meet people who share the same values, make new connections and to work with different artists and arts workers to positively influence the youth arts community in WA, as well as to learn from and contribute to the broader vision for the Australian Cultural industry.