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Chris Summer is from London, England. Today he lives on the picturesque Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia.

With a design diploma and training in architectural drawings, Chris has been practicing his draftsmanship skills on some level for over 25 years.

As a self-taught Artist he uses his background in precise pencil craft to produce hyperrealistic works of the natural world, exploring the increasing division between us and the environment.

The balance of nature is faithful, born from Natural Selection in the fight for survival.

But it's also delicate and struggling to hold on under the rapid pressure of change caused by our need for consumption.  

Chris' art uses subtle composition, negative space and intricate detail to form an an emotional connection with the observer.

"I love Art that leaves something to the imagination, gestural lines, palette knife strokes, allowing you to conjure some of your own mind and feeling into that story, but for me, painting textures and tones in that amount of detail is the only way to represent a subject in its true and honest form.

What could be more beautiful than that?"

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