Member Profile : Coralie Winn


Coralie Winn is a co-founder of Gap Filler – a globally acclaimed and award-winning creative social enterprise that works with communities – and the public and private sectors – to design and deliver placemaking strategies and programmes that are the foundation for long-term community outcomes. Gap Filler creates installations, events and processes to make places more memorable, fun, participatory, surprising, equitable and sociable. As a result of the September 4, 2010 earthquake, Coralie and two others co-founded Gap Filler to bring creativity and life to Christchurch’s vacant spaces. Revised and expanded in light of the more destructive February 2011 quake, Gap Filler has grown, adapted and evolved to now identify as a social enterprise working across Christchurch, New Zealand and overseas.

See Coralie at “This must be the place” – Creating communities: The case for placemaking and the Commons in a climate of change.