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Emmalene is a new emerging independent female artist from Port Lincoln with a broad range of interests and experiences in a variety of art mediums. A Proud Aboriginal women with strong cultural connections to local South Australian and Western Australian traditional groups of Barngarla/Wirangu/Gubrun/Njaki Njaki whose bloodline linage connects saltwater to freshwater, seacoast to desert. Artistic techniques embrace contemporary/traditional/urban abstracts in designs and presentations. Passions for heritage, culture, history and artistically these influence her art views of past, present and future through photography, paintings on canvas and other objects, walls and pipelines, likes to explore a range of printing on fabrics and paper and loves to use a mixture of black and whites or colours and textures, her creativity is vast and not limited to any one medium very versatile and flexible which is a strength in her creations. Some of her previous projects have included a pipeline mural project for SA Water, design and artwork provided for a Cultural Space 2019 and mural 2018 at St Josephs School, New logo design for the Port Lincoln City council Parnkalla Trail 2016, arts showcased at the SALT festival 2017, she has been employed as an artist to design and deliver cultural arts workshops in various schools in the local and regional area and is very keen to further develop her knowledge and skills in all areas of arts.