Member Profile : Gretchen Keelty

Gretchen Keelty is a Sunshine Coast artist who has lived, studied and worked in various parts of Australia and the world. She completed her Masters of Fine Art Production in Valencia, Spain, in 2018 and her most recent works have been in collaboration with biologists and agro-ecologists, examining ecosystems and biodiversity. Her latest adventures involve joining the Sunshine Coast's Reef Clean Team, helping to keep local coral reefs safe and healthy. She works across various media and has a background in biology and loves to educate, challenge and delight her audiences.

A lot of science communicates in the head space, we all 'know' certain things, but how often are we really compelled to act?  The arts connect with people in their heart space.  Art is an experience. As artists we can create entirely new perspectives for our audiences. We can change the way people think and feel about things in one moment. That transformation is the platform for change. I really believe that art is the most powerful vehicle that we have at our disposal.

Field Trip - Arts, Science, Tech and Environment Symposium

Sunshine Coast
Aug 08 2020